‘Life in Isolation’ is a live public journal and social movement that documents real stories, from real people, how we adapt, develop, and and overcome the obstacles we face, to celebrate the true spirit across the nation as we learn to cope with a new way of living through COVID-19.


Never before have we faced such a transformational way of life. As British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan once said in 1957: Britons 'have never had it so good' and now we’re being asked to do without, stay indoors, socially distance ourselves from friends and relatives and put our lives and businesses on hold. 

This is the ultimate leveler for humankind; so how are we really going to cope?


As well as the practical and the topical, we want to be able to show the human side to living with COVID-19. This is a community where people will be able to share stories that lift our spirits and inspire through words and doodles. 


We want people to showcase the positive and the good will as well as the humorous (counteracting the media hysteria), whilst also providing interesting, entertaining, and relatable stories, to provide comfort and ensure that the true spirit of our nation and the world prevails.

This is a platform for contemplation, reflection, and discussions on the challenges and how we adapt to the future through COVID-19.

‘Life in Isolation’ aims to document real stories, from real people, how we adapt, develop, and how we overcome the obstacles we face when living in isolation, whilst celebrating the true human spirit across the nation as we learn to cope with a new way of living. 

Life in Isolation

We are looking for writers, journalists, storytellers, illustrators, artists, doodlers, and the general public of ALL ages, to share their experiences. 

You can contribute as much or as little as you like, we simply want you to use writing and art as positive outlets of self expression, communication and creativity in these difficult times. 

Who Can Enter?

500 words

Share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and observations of the highs and lows,

to inspire, entertain, or even challenge our thinking.  

  • A One-off Story

  • 500 Words a Day

  • 500 Words per Week

  • 500 Words per Month 


Commit to sharing your thoughts through art, drawing, doodling, painting or illustration with one of the following: 

  • A One-off Doodle

  • A Doodle A Day

  • A Weekly Doodle

  • A Doodle Per Month  



Come up with the  idea, thought or experiences you want to share. 


Get writing or drawing. Put pen to paper and create your magic!


Share your stories and pictures with us via the submission forms. 


Spark discussion and see the reactions to your contribution via our groups and community. 

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