About Us

Helping Our Community to Live Life Well 

Life in Isolation has been set up by Alexandra Davison and Lottie Keble-Wyatt, co-founders of the Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival and Live Life Well.

Having built a strong community through these two brands, Alex and Lottie wanted to create a platform where people could be inspired, find positivity, comfort and support during these unexpectedly challenging times.

Both Alex and Lottie are self employed, Lottie a mother and Alex a small business owner. Both are facing unprecedented challenges in the face of COVID-19 and know only too well the struggles people across the UK are now facing. 

This community aims to bring people together on a social level to allow people to share stories, interact and support one another. We want everyone to feel part of this and to lift peoples spirits as much as possible. 

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